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Privacy Policy


Kall Me Back Limited's Privacy Policy is our commitment to protecting your privacy.


Kall Me Back Limited's policy applies whether you choose to register to use our services or not.

Some of your personal information will be collected when you register with on or on our mobile app GOT iiT, which we will use to ensure that we give you the best service we are offering. The information is used to make sure your messages are delivered to you as promptly and as clearly as possible.


The information you give as a registered user of or GOT iit is not passed on or sold to other companies neither are the details of prospective clients leaving messages passed on to other companies offering similar services or products to the one you are offering.


The information you give, as a consumer looking for services or products is not passed on or sold to other companies; it is only relayed to the company you wish to call you back. We do not store this information either.


We do not store information on your browsing activities.


We store only the details collected when you register as a user for administrative purposes; remind you when your subscription is due or any upgrades going on with the site or mobile application. And to assist when you have forgotten password to access your details to make any changes.


Your information is secure and only staff of Kall Me Back Limited and the registered user can access your information by use of a password to view or make any amendments.


When you register, we collect the following information:

  • Company name/or individual name
  • Contact address
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile Number


When you leave a message, we collect the following information:

  • name
  • a contact number on which you wish to be called back


These are not stored but forwarded directly to the company/individual you wish to call you back.


We guarantee not to send you annoying irrelevant communication via emails, SMS or phone calls.


All personal information given to is secured and stored away from public access. Credit card information is encrypted before any transaction takes place.

Third party links and GOT iit contains links to other sites. We cannot assume responsibility for any other site’s content or information handling practices. We encourage you to review each site’s privacy policy before entering into transactions with them.


If you have any questions relating to this privacy policy or how we use the personal information we hold about you, please contact