UK businesses offering more

than their products and services,

they offer to Kall you back!


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Membership Benefits


increase in sales enquiries 


Reach a wider audience

Reach a different audience

Increase awareness of your business

Offers from strategic partnerships Kall Me Back will enter into


How benefits will be fulfilled:

1.  Increase in Sales Enquiries
    All listings on the business directory will be put through the KMB Listing Criteria to
    ensure listing content offers the best possible opportunity to generate a sales enquiry
    once viewed before being


2.  Reach a wider audience, a different audience

     The benefits of the products or services your business offers will be marked to the community at
     least 5 different ways


  • online

  • 3 x 4 monthly scheduled 10,000 flier drops in a calendar year in areas to be advised

  • monthly local media adverts

  • direct mailing

  • networking

3.  Increase awareness of your business

The benefiits of the products or services your business offers gets to be marketed to
     the whole community rather than just business to business


4. Offers from Partners

    Please see 'Partners' page for details.


5.  3 Months FREE SEO on your website - worth over £50.00!

     What is SEO?

    Put simply SEO is a process where using certain techniques you are able to move your site above
    other sites on the natural, non-paid for listings across the major Search Engines.  

    Lots of people make SEO more complicated than it actually is.

   There are two main areas that most important.



   This is important as it tells the search engines what keywords and phrases are the most relevant to your
   website. For example if you had a website selling cars in Enfield you may gear your site towards certain
   keywords surrounding car sales in Enfield. You would need to have page titles, content and meta tags that
   reflect these keywords.

   Link building

   This is now considered the most important part of an SEO campaign. Your ranking across all the major
   search engines is based on the number of one directional inbound links to your website from other

   This tells the search engines how popular your site is. The more popular your site is the higher search
   engines regard it’s relevance and therefore you will appear higher when searched for. 





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