UK businesses offering more

than their products and services,

they offer to Kall you back!


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Marketing does not have to be expensive - just effective.


3 month SEO Package for  just £20/per month!


KMB SME Marketing packages available:


       KMB Newsletter set-up


  • import all business cards and other business contacts onto an electronic mailing list

  • find suitable online mailing service provider (eg mailchimp, dotmailer etc)

  • upload your contact list in suitable format(show you how to upload new contacts)

  • set-up and design newsletter with relevant content

  • schedule mailing to go out

  • show business how to do all this as a very import aspect of the business

Cost:  £75.00 plus vat


1.      KMB – Start-up Marketing Package

  • For start-up businesses (have not started trading yet)

  • 6-12 strategy

  • focus is on building awareness of product/service offered

  • will include identify target market, specify benefits of service or product, specify features and characteristics of service or product offered,

  • identify suitable methods of marketing, come up with right message in the marketing material,

  • identify suitable media to market product or service and when is best time

  • review/analysis at end of 6/12 month period to find out what worked, what did not and how to increase the return on investment

Cost:  £175.00 plus vat

2.       KMB –  New business Marketing Package

  • for businesses that have been trading for 24 months

  • review of 24 months

  • plan for next 6/12 months

  • focus on consolidating what worked in last 24 months and increasing sales lead generation,

  • identify other sales generating methods

  • identify or confirm marketing methods, message and target market

Cost:  £ 250.00 plus vat

3.       KMB – Small Business Marketing Package

  • for businesses that have been trading for more than 24 months

  • Healthcheck – review of current marketing strategy,

  • review performance of all current marketing methods(website,adverts, events, exhibitions),

  • identify what has worked what has not,

  • identify what business objectives are 

  • recommend new marketing strategy for next 6/12 months

  • a review of performance after 6 months

Price on request

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